HVS-1000AT Touch Screen Automatic Turret Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

HVS-1000AT touch screen digital display automatic turret micro Vickers hardness tester, using 8-inch touch screen and high-speed ARM processor, intuitive display, friendly human-computer interaction, easy operation; fast calculation speed, huge database storage, automatic data correction, And provide data broken line report.


1. The fuselage is made of high-quality cast iron by one-time casting, with the car paint treatment process, and the appearance is round and beautiful;
2. The worm and worm lifting system can better improve the test stability and test accuracy, and there is no need to focus again after the test is completed;
3. Equipped with automatic turret function, high-definition measurement and observation-dual objective lens combination, combined with the high-definition micrometer eyepiece with built-in length encoder, realizes the one-key measurement of the indentation diagonal, which better reduces the interference of human operation and Reading error
4. Convenient numerical control system, which can automatically perform unit conversion of the full hardness scale;
5. The maximum and minimum hardness values can be set. When the test value exceeds the set range, a buzzer will sound;
6. With software hardness value correction function, the hardness value can be directly corrected within a certain range;
7. With database function, the test data can be automatically saved in groups, each group can save 10 data, and more than 2000 data can be saved;
8. It has the function of displaying the hardness value curve, which can directly display the change of the hardness value;
9. CCD image processing system is optional, and the Knoop indenter is optional for Knoop hardness measurement;
10. Configure a wireless Bluetooth printer, and output data through RS232, USB (optional) interfaces;
11. Accuracy complies with GB/T4340.2-2018 ISO6507-2 and American ASTM E384.


1. Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, IC flakes, surface coatings, laminated metals;
2. Glass, ceramics, agate, gems, thin plastics, etc.;
3. Hardness test of the depth and gradient of the carbide layer and quenched layer.
4. It is suitable for precision micro Vickers hardness measurement of parallel planes, tiny parts, and ultra-thin parts.