CCD Vickers Image Processing System

The CCD Vickers image processing system is a combination of a computer microcomputer automatic measurement system and a hardness tester. The digital display Brinell, microscopy, and Vickers hardness tester is connected to the computer through the CCD camera interface. The entire test process is simply operated by the keyboard and mouse. It can be completed, the operation is convenient, the measurement accuracy is high, the human error is better reduced and the operator's visual fatigue is avoided, and it can meet various hardness measurement requirements.


1. Connect the micro-hardness tester to the computer through the camera interface, and the image is re-enlarged and directly observed and measured on the computer screen, which effectively reduces the operator’s eye fatigue, reduces the artificial operation error of the eyepiece system, and improves the test Efficiency and accuracy, the whole test process can be completed by simple mouse operation;
2. The software image interface is large (800*600), the image is clearer, and the operation error can be effectively reduced;
3. Equipped with high-resolution industrial cameras suitable for microscopic imaging and macro imaging, with small size, clear images and good imaging quality;
4. The conversion function of various hardness scales is convenient and practical; in addition, the software has a built-in hardness and strength conversion table, which is not easy to lose.
5. Powerful data report function:
(1) Test data, indentation pictures, and hardness gradient curves can be exported at the same time, which is more convincing;
(2) When doing hardness gradient test, the hardness gradient curve can be drawn automatically;
(3) The header of the report, such as the company name, title, etc., can be set and saved in advance to facilitate printing of the report.
6. Open the partial and then zoom in the image frame to make the measurement more accurate and reduce the error;
7. Hardness correction function, if a certain point is found to be inaccurate during measurement, it can be adjusted and corrected immediately;
8. The contrast and brightness of the indentation image can be adjusted;
9. Hardness calibration function: directly enter the hardness value for accuracy, convenient and fast;
10. Image files and data files can be opened, stored, printed, etc. separately;
11. Data files and image files can be viewed at any time, and the data files are printed in the form of tables, images and curves.