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Computerised Tensile Testing Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Computerised Tensile Testing Machine, Computerized Tensile Tester. Our setup is situated in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve customers from African and Gulf countries.

TestCraft make TNE series machines are electronic screw-driven machines with precision screw and column construction and variable speed drive. These are high precision, high-performance universal testing machines with, a maximum capacity of up to 100 kN. With the help of computers and micro. computers, all the operations from the control of load to processing of data are carried out with excellent performance, reliability, flexibility, and easy operation.

The machines are suitable for studying the mechanical behavior of various materials like iron and metals. rubbers. plastics, ceramics, fabrics, composites, cables, and wires. As a matter of fact, it is an indispensable instrument for modern industries. Two options are available mainly acme threaded screw with DC motor drive and ball lead screw with servo drive. The machines confirm to IS, BS 8, ASTM standards.


Depending upon test requirements and budget, TNE series machines are available with following options.

Economical Models

These machines are with a rigid, stable structure with high stiffness, two columns and a single screw. Machine uses three phase induction motor with fixed speed as standard. A variable speed drive is available as option.

Load Cells

Universal load cells of following capacities are available.

Grips & Clamping Device

Model TC- MP

Micro processor based operation Micro processor controlled system with digital display of load and disp. / Extn. Machine operations like speed, crosshead direction are controlled from the control panel.

Software Features

Model TC - MP (PC) : Computerised Operation

MP panel is connected to computer through RS-232 port The control is transferred to PC and with the help of windows based application software, complete testing can be performed.This system has two modes of operations, PANEL & PC control.

Evaluating Proof Stress : Electronic Extensometer TC - EE2

TC-2 is a strain gauge type extensometer to measure material extension with a resolution of one micron. It is designed to be clamped directly on specimen. This is used to measure strain up elastic limits to determine important parameter like 0.1 % to 1% proof stress andyoungs modulus. Testcraft 2 has two fixed gauge lengths of 25 mm and 50 mm. Change of gauge length is by means of replacing button knife-edge extender. Testcraft -2 is fabricated from high strength light weight aluminum with a durable anodized finish the knif-edges are made from oil hardened tool steel to with stand heavy usage. The sample need not be machined. Supports maximum dia. of 40 mm & maximum extension 2 mm Suitable for Round, Flat, Pipe and Torsteel applications.

Technical Specification


TC – TNE – 5

TC – TNE -10

TC -TNE – 20

TC -TNE – 50

TC -TNE -100

Maximum Test Load

5 kN

10 kN

20 kN

50 kN

100 kN

Load Measurement

By means 01 exchangeable strain gauge based load cell

Load Measuring Range and Accuracy

= 1 % on indicated load from 2 % to 100 % of load capacity

Maximum Crosshead Stroke

1000 mm without load cell & grips

Distance between Columns


Drive System Option – DD with DC drive

1:10 speed ratio 5 – 50 mm / min, 25 – 250 m / min, 50 – 500 mm / min
(Any other speed range available on request)

Drive System Option – SO with servo drive

0.5 mm to 500 mm/min (Any other speed range available on request)

Power Supply

230 V AC / 50Hz, 1 Ph

1415 V AC / 50Hz, 3 Ph

Measuring System Microprocessor Panel Crosshead Display Resolution
Load range & Resolution

Model TC -MP
0.1 mm by means of rotary encoder
1/10000 from 0 – 40 % of range and 1/ 4000 from 40 – 100% of range