vicker testing machine

Computerised Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester

'TESTCRAFT' Computerised Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester, Model B3000-PC-FA is fabricated from steel plates and is designed for precise loading system. It is fully automatic machine for production testing.

Advanced Window XP based software

  • Latest GUI features with user-friendly software.
  • On-line indentation setting and focusing on the PC monitor.
  •  Advanced image processing: Algorithms implemented
  • for precise calculations of hardness numbers with various
  • options to cover all ranges of specimens.
  •  Batch file processing: Option for data/storage and reports
  • generation.
  • Statical Evaluation: Software for calculating standard
  • deviation, mean, median, frequency distribution graph,
  • variation graph etc.
  • Calibration mode facility.
  • Extendibility for future advanced image processing analysis,
  • requirements.
  • “Auto measurement start” from the machine.

Scope of Supply

  • Basic machine with CCD camera, optics with an illumination system, and connecting cable.
  • PCI video capture card with driver software.
  • PC and Windows operating system is to be procured by customer.

Technical Data

  • Load Range 250 to 3000 kgf in stages of 250 kgf
  • test height 380 mm
  • of throat 200 mm
  • Machine height ( approx ) 1185mm
  • Net Wight ( approx ) 450 kg.
  • Drive Power 0.66 HP
  • Mains supply 415 V, 50Hz, 3phase
  • Measuring accuracy with CCD camera and built in optics 0.01 mm
  • Dwell timer 1 to 99sec.
  • Raising/lowering 240 mm/min